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    Our goal: Mobility for Life for all Albertans








    biomarker lab


    Learn about our areas of research, the Centre for Mobility and Joint Health and our Biomechanics Lab.

    Frank Jirik


    Look-up a member, find out about funding opportunities for members, or become a member.

    Summer Helmi


    Attend a seminar, learn about funding opportunities, look-up a trainee or find information for current and prospective trainees.

    Featured news

    Orthopedic clinics have a role to play in screening for intimate partner violence

    McCaig Institute research team develops educational resources and screening tools for health-care providers...

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    Biosimilar starts and switches

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    Arthritis Society moves into new era

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    Approaching treatment decisions together

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    Upcoming events

    hand chain seniors

    Together, we'll help Albertans live pain-free lives

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